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Roberto BonoBiography: 1960 I was born in Trapani, Sicily 1970-77 I was a high-level amateur chess player 1982-87 I lived in ICELAND ... 2 exhibitions 1987-88 I lived in EDINBURGH ... 1 exhibition 1988-89 I lived in TOULOUSE… I started minimotwo 1989-90 I lived in GLASGOW at WASPS. studios 1990-92 I lived in TUSCANY … 1 exhibition 1992-93 I lived in SARAGOZA ... 1 exhibition 1993-94 I lived in THAILAND and took part in the Chiang Mai Art Festival 1994-97 I lived in SICILY and I set up ARTEUTILE, organising art events....a sort of mix between happiness, art and therapy 1997-2001 I am living in LONDON, I created an ART directory called,I'm exhibiting my work and continue ARTEUTILE between here and Sicily.Fortunately I am still optimistic the Artist and Description of Art: For years I have been fascinated by the idea of the opposite, and so my work has taken on a “painting-sculpture” dimension with a minimum of two sides,addressing the questions of what lies on the other side,the relationship between the two sides, and our reaction to the change of sides Country: UK Birthyear: 1960 Media: acrylic Style: abstract Subjects: light and color, ( double sided )
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