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Robin FinnellBiography: The past is not important. I've been trying to escape that hell for almost 33 years. For once in my life, it would seem that my last attempt to escape has been successful. What's important is that I love beauty... and it comes in many forms, shapes, mediums and levels of consciousness. I'm still evolving... attempting to interpret the beauty I encounter with my senses, and translate it into a media where others can see it, maybe even for the first time, even if it's in the most unlikely of places. Country: USA Birthyear: 1969 Galleries: There are many online galleries that display my work, and I hope to have some photos displayed at the 13th Floor Gallery in downtown Chicago before the year is out. Awards: NYIP Photographic Excellence, May 1998 Media: photography Style: other, Caravaggio-esque Subjects: other, people, animals, cemeteries, flowers, etc. etc.
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