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Rooma MehraBiography: Art Journey.. rooma mehra EXCERPTS FROM ART REVIEWS AND WRITE-UPS BY ART CRITICS Things that fade, that cannot easily be caught and pinned down are Mehra’s concern, as of any devoted artist who knows that to seek is all. Keshav Malik in The Times of India There must be something common between painting, sculpture, poetry and music, so many painters write poetry, so many poets can also play some musical instrument or the other or sing. One of them is Rooma Mehra. - Khushwant Singh in his MALICE column on Rooma Mehra in THE HINDUSTAN TIMES. _______________________________________________________________________ Rooma’s works reveal the products of a mind which in its ultimate imaginative reach is capable of finding itself wherever it looks even though it marks within, its own divisive strengths. There is a sense of visual victory, as one perceives these works. Rooma’s is a fertile mind rich in the aspects of intricately and exquisitely enriched cognitive details. Rooma’s works invite an inexorable condition in which the intricacies are not to be revealed in the experience of the condition. It’s quality is felt in the richness of the ambient which engages the imagination with a wide range of tactile visual incident. Rooma’s paintings evoke a splendor that must have existed below the thin white sheen of the canvas she touched. In the stillness of all else around you listen to these paintings – as they weave their way through the crest of melody. For Rooma perhaps it is the inevitable that colour should be used with a fervent relish. In her deliberation to personalize or depersonalize she has also set a stage for a creative art. -"ROOMA’S RESONANCE’ BY UMA NAIR Rooma's Art is revolutionising in the sense that it emphasizes more on the happening. She touches the very core of personalities through her tantalizing and balanced shades. - "A HAPPY BLEND OF WATERCOLOURS" by Vijay Bhushan Rooma Mehra is a young artist who combines in her person both poetry and painting. It is a rare combination, but a strong one. What is significant is that she makes effective statements both literally as well as visually. Rooma’s works with a sure hand and a lot of thinking goes into her work. That is why she knows what she is doing and what exactly she wants from the medium. It will be interesting to watch her next stage in both painting and in poetry. For she is a progressive artist and poet. -"WITH A SURE HAND" BY R.S. YADAV Within ... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: India Birthyear: 1967 Galleries: National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi Lalit Kala Akademi, National Gallery of Art in India. Town Hall, Copenhagen Triveni Kala Sangam, Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society, Delhi India Habitat Center Awards: Shankar's International Award for Painting at age 13. 2005 International Woman of the Year Award from the American Biographical Institute. Media: acrylic, Acrylic on Hardboard Style: spiritual Subjects: other, Music, Peace, Prayer, Fantasy, War, Silence, Nature
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