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Roy MurphyBiography: -------------ROYSTON ABSTRACT ART -------------- I have been involved within the creative arts as a designer and creative and have been for some 15 years. Starting off in the audio/visual design field - designing soundscapes and sound tracks for independent films and music videos. The mid 90's saw me gain a first class design degree in multimedia - allowing me full reign of the creative suite of influence. Painting, digital art, creative writing, music. I began painting again after many inspiring visits to modern galleries including Tate Modern, ICA, Barbican, White Cube, Camden Arts Centre, Hayward Gallery - feeling refreshed and energised to create foward thinking, real and buzzy art. ------------------------------------------------- I paint how i feel - in an energtic buzz of colour, vibrancy and positivity Allowing me to proceed at pace when the creative surge hits home. I paint "in" the picture, preferring to paint flat - so more to live the evolving painting, only standing back when all possiblities have been explored. I Paint in my studio, and when London weather permits - outside, using quality acrylics and mixed media. My goal is to bring some energy and colour into my art and to hopefully share some of that with art lovers worldwide. Of course I always guarantee my work, and hope that it finds an inspiring owner and home. If you have any issues or problems relating to my work please contact me soonest to resolve. ---------------------------------------------- If you see a painting you like that has been sold, i am always open to commisions in particular colour or style - I can always be contacted at for enquiries, sales information or just for friendly chat aboout art. ------------------------------------------------ watch out for coming soon! ------------------------------------------------ Country: UK Birthyear: 1968 Media: acrylic Style: abstract Subjects: landscapes and nature, Urban living, Color, modern abstracts, warm moods
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