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S.I. SheehanBiography: I love to create, and I invite you to explore my world of creations. Welcome to my gallery! Susan Isabella Sheehan has her own unique style of art and photography, mostly surreal and often times dark. Come journey with Susan as she explores the inner workings of the psyche, delving into the deepest hidden cores of thought. Visit different areas of the globe through her photographic images. Everyone has the ability to create, each person expressing in their own unique way, whether through traditional art, digital art, writing or spoken word. The tools vary from person to person, computers, pencils, brushes, etc. *Some Words From The Artist* When I was quite young, I was opened to a different shore, an altered reality, far beyond the norm of everyday life. I began expressing myself through art early on, capturing the natural beauty of the life around me on paper, delighting that I lived in the Arizona/Sonoran desert, rich in flora and fauna. I did not receive a formal art education, but rather I was self-taught, translating what I perceived into poetry and prose, along with pencil etchings and watercolors. It wasn't until after my youngest child had left home that I was introduced to 2D and 3D computer programs. It didn't take me long to fall in love with this medium of creating. I could explore so many different levels of art, from the more traditional landscapes to the very depths of surrealism. Being able to compose my thoughts and visions using a computer was, and still is, a delight and adventure on an everyday basis. Creating in this way is not so different from traditional art. Composition, placement, color balance and style are still very important parts of my digital work. Most of the time, I tend to work intuitively, as the energies move me, so to speak. My art is often dark and complex, with a Spiritual quality that has a tendency to emerge in almost every piece. It allows me to explore my own psyche, delving into my personal joys, passions, fears, and spirituality. Having the ability to explore and experiment without having to start over on a canvass has grand advantages. In addition to being a digital artist, I am an avid student of history and mythology, both of which often times emerge from the images I create. I love exploring thought and consciousness, and know that the potential of the human mind and soul are without limit. I am proud to be a member of the Gay community, and look forward to sharing my visions with all who... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: US Birthyear: 1954 Awards: Many..... Media: computer or digital art, Photography and Written Word Style: visionary, Surrealism, Mystical, and Spiritual Subjects: other, Mindscapes and Altered Landscapes
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