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S.S. Roy Laskar.INDIA.Biography: I am an Indian artist; our country is rich in different cultures and traditions. There are many types of tribes leaves in this country, such as Naga,Mijo,Khashi,Bodo,etc.They have different artistic ways. As an Indian artist I have grate respect about them. My paintings are also influenced by my traditional tribal folk art. I paint different types of mask and dancer from my imagination but idea is from their. Country: INDIA. Birthyear: 1979 Awards: Several national awards and honours.Ankan Manjusree 1991,Ankan Sree 1993,Ankan Bhibhakar 1995 by Bangio Sangit Parisad, Ankankalabibhag,India. ELEZABETH GREENSHIELDS FOUNDATION GRANT IN 1999,CANADA. Media: mixed media Style: symbolic Subjects: animals and wildlife
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