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Santiago Martinez DelgadoBiography: Biography: 1906 – Born in Bogotá, Colombia in the home of Luis Martinez Silva and Mercedes Mallarino de Delgado. He started his education under the tutoring of don Martín Restrepo Mejía and his high school at San Bartolomé. He also joined courses at the fine arts school under the tutoring of the Master Roberto Pizano. 1925 – to health issues he traveled to Cartagena, there he directed and illustrated some pages at the newspaper "La Patria". He used a fabricated name of "Sanmardel". 1926 – Travel to Chicago where he studied and worked for over five years at the Fine Arts Institute of Chicago under the tutoring of Ruth VanSickle Ford and Hugh M. Neuman. 1928 – He started a friendship and professional relation with Frank Lloyd Wright, who commissioned Martinez to do some tainted Glass work, Wood carvings and some paintings. Wright found the Masters lines to be elegant and his attitude gracious; Martinez spend time over the years at Taliesin where along with other of Wrght’s protégées they discussed about art, architecture and other cultural issues. Among his friend from Taliesin is Charles Morgan who visited him latter in life in Bogotá. 1929 – He won the very competitive art contest of the Latham Foundation; He won the first prize on the best add by the US Federation of Commercial Artists. He obtains the second please on the art interpretation contest of the “The Chicago Tribune”. 1933 – He won the Logan medal, for his mural of the Colombian evolution at the Chicago International World Fair and exposition. 1934 – He returns to Colombia with an innovative collection at the an vanguard of the country. 1935 – He made the linen of the Theater Municipal of Bogotá (missing), titled "the triumph of comedy over tragedy". 1936 – He founded the course of arte and decoration at the Universidad Javeriana femenina. 1937 - 1940. He made various drawings for the Magazine PAN, directed by the Colombian intellectual Uribe White. He also directed the magazine "Vida", he illustrated countless front pages living an idea of his line and incredible talent. This magazine was a monthly magazine of the Colombian National Insurance Company. 1938 – Martinez who was an avid historian and a protector of the Colombian artistic heritage; Found and old painting broken in two and left to collapse, but he recognized at the spot that it may be by Raphael de Urbino; after a hated debate and much research and debate called (THE DILEMA OF THE MADONNA O... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: USA Birthyear: 1906 Galleries: Art Institute of Chicago, Metropolitan Museum NY, Museo Nacional de Colombia, Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, Colombian Congress Awards: Logan Medal 1933 for Mural at the International Fair in Chicago Gold medal at the 1st Salon de Artistas Colombianos 1940 First Price 2nd Salon de Artistas Colombianos 1941 Cruz de Boyaca for Mural del Capitolio (congres) this is the top award from the Colombian Government Media: other, Is a Mural on the main wall of the Colombian Congres Style: realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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