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Sergei ChernenkoBiography: Sergei Chernenko artworks are compelling reflections of mysticism. His meticulous brushwork and brilliant use of light show in intimacy with Goya,Breugal,and Rembrandt,while the imaginative panorama of subject matter suggest the strong influence of more mystic surrealists,Bosch,Dali, and De Chirico. Eastern spiritualism and Western academic realism form the back bone for Sergei's philosophical framework producing an alliance of spirit and substance. The depth of tone and complicated composition produced in oils and pen and ink, fascinate and engage the spectator,surprising and awakening them to their own subterranean meditations. Country: Israel Birthyear: 1961 Galleries: Jean-Pierre Valentin gallery,Montreal, Castaldo Fine Art,San Francisco, Montreal Fine Art Museum, Cleveland Fine Art Gallery, Middlesbrough Art Gallery,England. Art Addiction International Gallery,Stockholm. Media: oil, oil,indian ink ,pen, watercolor,etching Style: mystical Subjects: people, portraits and characters, Mystical and surreal landscapes with people
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