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Sergio GasparBiography: Born in buenos aires in 1971 , his interest for drawing and painting motivated from the begining. He founded fascinating the airbrush tecnique , to wicht he dedicated while he was studing industrial design. He exposed his work 2 times in the University of Buenos Aires , where he teached this tecnique. He worked in publicity ilustrations and grafic design. In the year 2000 he started painting with acrilic on canvas and then oil on canvas. He show his work in "Arte Clasica 2005" Now you can see his work in "Norte , arte argentino" together with other great artists. Country: Argentina Birthyear: 10-10-1971 Galleries: "Norte , Arte Argentino" "Miguel Fuks" "Unzueta & Zanotti" Media: oil Style: photo-realistic Subjects: animals and wildlife
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