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Skye TaylorBiography: Introducing the works of Ballarat Artist Skye Taylor. Skyes images have been lovingly hand drawn then digitally enhanced on computer and/or created from scratch using Paintshop Pro 7 by Jasc.Very few are photo manipulations. Skyes inspiration is derived from dreams, imagination and admiration for the master painters of long ago and fantasy artists such as Boris Vallejo , Julie Bell, Caldwell and Lance. Through her art Skye hopes to find new meanings in life, a purpose and place in which she can feel comfortable and confident. She craves the raw rush of creativity and enjoys her freedom of expression. Subjects : Fantasy, Medievil, Myth, Magic, Animals, and spirituality. Country: australia Birthyear: 1966 Media: computer or digital art Style: other Subjects: people, portraits and characters, landscapes nature animals wildlife people fantasy interiors anything
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