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Stuart NgBiography: Stuart Ng has been an artist all his life ever since he could hold a crayon. Drawing Transformers when he was a little wee child, and then proceeding to drawing his own unpublished comics during high school life. Anime or Japanese cartoon art has always been Stuart's passion and is the basis for much of his artwork and stories. He regularly watches Anime, plays video games of all sorts, watches movies, and constantly looks at artbooks to evolve his own unique style of portraying a mixture of western and Japanese art. Stuart has had a very dynamic schooling environment as he would move from school to school due to relocation of his family, and has consistently won all the art awards of each school till he would move onto the next one. While in high school, he also had his own Anime club, he always wished he could hold his own video game and/or animation company to produce creative and unique stories. After graduation, Stuart freelanced work for website companies and helped his father's video and photography business with camera work and creative assistance for a year. He then attended a media school called "Center For Digital Imaging And Sound" for 3D animation and digital imaging. During this time, he still continued his freelance work, but then began production on a well known total conversion for Starcraft named "Gundam Century". Reaching unexpected heights of success in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Europe, North America, and especially Korea; Gundam Century was a single man project conducted by Stuart. It became so popular that numerous unknown groups began printing and distributing the game conversion as pirated software. It is even used as game software for professional game tournaments in Korea. After appearing in an almost uncountable amount of magazines, Stuart then proceeded to design units for the upcoming Starcraft amateur-made campaign; The Antioch Chronicles. Carefully working with the project leader; Ruben Moreno, he and Stuart based the theorology and history upon the existing Starcraft universe making it part of the continuity. Stuart during this time, has also freelanced design for large companies like, the company responsible for and He has also done some media design for the athletics fashion wear Everlast, and design work for Following up with Macromedia Flash work and website design for the diamond distributors; Ann Louise, and numerous other websi... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: Canada Birthyear: 1979 Awards: Work appeared in PC Home, Hyper PC Gaming, Net Power, PC Power Zine, Ascii DOS/V, Mac Power & PC Game Port, Netvigator HK, Home Computing & Entertainment T-shirt design contests, numerous art awards Senior Art Book award from Gladstone Secondary Media: computer or digital art Style: other, Anime Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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