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T.R. BishopBiography: Art has always been a part of me. I do not remember a time when I did not draw what I percieved. The two most influencial groups for me have always been the Abstract Expressoinists and the Surrealists. I find it is very important to imbue in my artwork a feeling or sensation yet to leave the message ambiguous. Art should be an enigma. A question that has a unique answer for everyone who ponders on it. That is the wonder and beauty in art...the concept. The act of asking what...or what if. Country: usa Birthyear: 08/03/1972 Galleries: Agora Contemporary Art Gallery, Soho N.Y. Awards: Publication in book "Endless Journeys" Art exhibition "Tripping the Light Fantastic"- Agora Contemporary Art Gallery Media: other, Digital Photomantage Style: mystical Subjects: other, Dreams
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