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Tashila HoodBiography: Tashila (Ta-shy-la) Corrin Hood is a woman of African American and Caucasian decent. As a child she never resided at one residence for very long. Every couple of years, relocating from city to city, state to state, she discovered an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of human perception and day to day emotion and feeling. Her appreciation for life is rare. She has a genuine good soul, aura, and benevolent heart. This kindness created an appetite for knowledge. In high school she was a straight "A" student. Just for her own personal knowledge she would research almost anything that crossed her mind, even odd tidbits such as the meaning of BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) to being the only person I know to use "diaphanous" (a texture that allows light to pass though) in everyday conversation. She joined the school basketball team, got a job, and took a deeper interest in art. Art became a strong influence for Tashila. Inspired by her teacher, Mrs. Yoshi, who offered to buy many of her pieces, she saw art as an outlet for freedom of expression. No matter what circumstances she faces, she always keeps a loving air about her and a diverse and optimistic outlook on life portrayed through her art. She lives by this quote: "Life is a precious, beautiful thing. Don't take it for granted - Be Yourself!" Country: USA Birthyear: 1978 Media: acrylic, combination of Mystical, Spirtual, abstract, and Fantasy, wide variety of subjects
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