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Thomas BroadfootBiography: BySilent™ or Thomas is a native of New Jersey living in Illinois. He has been a technologist for over 25 years, starting out with Computer Mainframes and then into the PC world. He's a web designer and computer consultant who has done some computer graphics over the years. BySilent™ is an emerging artist that works with digital abstracts, surreal spacescapes, fantasy works based on the thoughts that run through his mind. His digital geometric designs are viewed as filled with perspective and vivid in colors and scope. Most of the digital abstract, surreal and fantasy artworks designed by BySilent™ over the years were more of his doodling when working on ideas, projects or applications. What did change for him was when he picked up a digital camera for the first time and began working with it. Since then, he has found that he enjoys the process of creation and has enjoyed finding out he is skilled at creating images and ideas with this technology. Country: USA Birthyear: 1954 Media: computer or digital art Style: other, Realistic, Surrealistic, Abstract Subjects: other, Geometric Shapes, Landscapes and Nature
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