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Thor JohnsonBiography: I am an artist and musician from Dallas Texas USA. I create web-based, Flash-based, video artwork that is interactive and animated. Find it at my website: Most of the works are of a satirical, socio-political nature, dealing with war and the pathologies of modern American culture and the dangerous religious archetypes that lurk beneath it. The soundtracks of the works add another level of commentary to the experience. I also make artwork in traditional natural media such as oil painting, drawing, and sculpture. On the website you can also listen to music that I made with the Didjeridoo and Moog synthesizer among other instruments. The music has been described as " a field recording of some dramatic ritual of a tribe from another planet". The aim of the music is to influence the consciousness of the listener toward a transformational and ecstatic experience. I make my art and music as acts of sorcery directed against totalitarians and fascists. Thank you for your time. Thor Johnson 36 yrs old Dallas Texas Country: USA Birthyear: 1968 Galleries: The Theatre Gallery, Dallas TX; Alternate Gallery, Dallas TX; Art Bar, Dallas TX; Media: computer or digital art, Animated, interactive, sonic digital artworks Style: symbolic, Mostly political, satirical, symbolic Subjects: other, War, Religion, Stupid People, Brainwashing, Mythology, The Absurdity of Life
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