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Vallee JohnsonBiography: I've been creating art since I was 3. (over 5 decades..) I sold my first work at the age of 13. I have won awards for my work as far back as in the 6th grade when a piece of mine was chosen to hang in the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa,Ok. My work is in many mediums including oil painting, oil pastel, watercolor, graphite, ink, acrylic, & papier-mache. Besides doing traditional wildlife and figures, I do designer skulls, saws, furniture, and experimental works. This abstract represents a recent prolonged period of tension and release. I recently got involved in forming A.C.E.-Arts Coalition of Erie. Country: United States Birthyear: 1954 Galleries: Erie Community Center Gallery & On-line: Artwork & Stuff by Vallee & dArt (the Internet Art Database) Media: computer or digital art Style: abstract Subjects: other, unlimited
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