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Victoria YorkBiography: Artist Statement Victoria York Though the foundation of my art is realism, I work to create the emotive quality of the moment. Emphasizing an element in my subject, I capture the depth of a shadow or brilliance of the sunlight. I have rearranged color concepts of light and shadow while Juxtaposing bold intense colors to develop the feeling in the painting. I enjoy bringing contemporary interpretations to classic art concepts. I have always encompassed a passion for life, color, laughter and the understanding that I am lucky and grateful to enjoy these gifts. This is what I hope people see in my art. Working primarily in acrylics, I use saturated color and varied brush strokes to create texture and depth. I genuinely feel that my art is a direct extension of myself and each time someone brings home one of my works, they are taking home a share of my thoughts. Published Quotes: "...York employs bold color strategies in evoking a powerful and dynamic sense of presence in her canvases." - the Courier News "Most notably, her paintings of Italian landscapes, and Isle of Ischia off the Italian mainland, as well as more American rural scenes, show her ability to transform classic scenes into contemporary art."- The Star Ledger Biography Victoria York Victoria York was born 1964 in the East Coast of New Jersey. With a Mother who has a passion for the arts, specifically literature and theater, Victoria learned early on the emotive power of creativity. Her father, also an artist, would teach Victoria technical skills while he painted. With great exposure to the arts growing up, Victoria has acting and directing experience, appearing in commercials and working with local theater groups and even directing & producing her own show called "Comedy Night." Victoria pursued and achieved a successful career in marketing and advertising as an Account Executive. Awards won for advertising include the Press Association Retail Advertising Competitions. Throughout her ten-year career, she continued to hire private instructors for her art while often taking a sketchpad and pencil with her on many road trips. In 2002, Victoria’s father, Nicholas, her dearest friend, passed away. He asked of her to pursue her art and she has done so with amazing zeal and public acceptance. Victoria paints bold, contemporary landscapes, floral and seascapes with great movement. Her work is usually abstract in style and she is most known for her dra... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: USA Birthyear: 1964 Galleries: Shows, Exhibitions & Galleries Solo: Art Emporium, 57 West Main Street, Somerville, NJ, 2005-May 21 & 22, 2005 Featured: Art Emporium, 57 West Main Street, Somerville, NJ, 2005-March - present Featured: Jacob Swerdlow Gallery, NJ, October-2004-Feb.-2004 The Collectors Show, Bridgewater Marriott, Bridgewater, NJ, 2004 Fall Festival Juried Competition / Show Tewksbury, NJ, 2004 S.A.A. Spring Show – 2004 Gallery Michael, California Saign & Associates, California Excellent Sky Gallery, Colorado The Village Rug, Whitehouse Station, NJ Somerset Art Association, Johnson Gallery, Bedminster, NJ Media: acrylic, Oil & Mixed Media works also Style: abstract, Strong Abstract post impressionist influence Subjects: landscapes and nature
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