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Walt ChaneyBiography: Walter C. Chaney has been making art for over 40 years. His work explores a wide variety of mediums, style, and personal themes. This short biography will describe some of the important touchstones in his journey as a maker and painter of objects of art. The artist's younger years were spent combing the sun-drenched sea shores of Virginia and Florida. Everywhere he and his family lived, the ocean and his mother's flower gardens followed. These elements of beauty and youth shaped his life and the art that was to come. In 1973, Walter received his B.A in Printmaking from the University of South Florida. He quickly followed up with his his M.F.A in Printmaking and Drawing from the University of Utah in 1975. Early in his career, Walter worked as a scenery technician in a Utah theater and on museum exhibitions for the Oregon Historical Society in Portland. He later returned to his southern roots and spent some time learning the craft of woodworking with Glenn deGruy Woodworks in Mobile, Alabama. After relocating to Orlando, Florida, in 1979, Walter was a production artist for Walt Disney World for seven and a half years. In 1986 , he became an in-house commercial sculptor for Hasboro Toys headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Since 2000, Walter has worked in toys as a free-lance artist. During the past 23 years working as a commercial artist, Walter has produced a fairly substantial body of his own art. Balancing a day job and raising his three children and putting them through college (with the help of his hardworking wife, Carol), did not stop this artist from consistently exhibiting and winning recognition in galleries and shows throughout the Northeast. Instead of letting his commercial work distract him, Walter used his time limitation to his advantage. A steady income allowed him to delve himself into each chosen project without having to worry about a deadline or a panic to sell; so that he might take his time and call the piece done when it truly had a chance to become complete. The work displayed in the portfolios here are a testament to the time and care Walter has put into each piece. Country: united states Galleries: The Providence Art Club The Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts Fidelity Greenworks Show please contact the artist for a complete listing Awards: please contact the artist for a complete listing Media: watercolor, oil, sculpture, drawing Style: realistic, impressionistic, surrealistic Subjects: landscapes and nature, people, portraits, and characters, other subjects
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