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Wim HeesakkersBiography: My name is Wim Heesakkers. I was born in 1950 in Son en Breugel in the southern part of the Netherlands. I currently live in a wooded area near the village of Lieshout. This village, just north of the town of Helmond, borders my native village, and is quite near to Nuenen, one of the sources of inspiration of Vincent van Gogh. I am self-taught and draw my inspiration from anything I happen to come across. The things I still want to do usually outnumber the things I have already done. To me, materials and techniques are a challenge in themselves. If at all possible, I always try to master all available techniques and do everything myself. My aim is to produce an original which is as complete as possible. But always mindful of quality and durability. The challenge of experimenting is an absolute must to me. A kind of compulsion in my life as an artist. Country: Netherlands Birthyear: 1950 Galleries: Netherlands Holland Art Fair - Den Haag Gallerie d'Art - Alphen a.d. Rijn Gallerie Covalenco - Geldrop Gallerie Klein 14 - Rotterdam Holland Art Gallery - Eindhoven - Amsterdam Holland Art Gallery - Rotterdam - Den Haag Holland Art Gallery- Maastricht Gallerie De Kunstkamer-Oisterwijk Kunstmanifestatie - Assen Gallerie kunstschouw - Haamstede Gallerie Kunstzaken - Nieuwerbrug a/d Rijn Gallerie Kunstdruk - Den Bosch Gallerie Beeldlijn - Amersfoort Gallerie Sous-terre - Lithoyen Gallerie Art Angels - Amsterdam Gallerie Gauguin - Heeze Gallerie Zonneschande - Rotterdam Germany Modern Art Gallery - Karlsruhe Galerie am Kloster - Lorsch Burg Galerie - Fehmarn Galerie Vogel - Heidelberg Ambiente - Frankfurt Vonderbank - Frankfurt Art Mutiple - Düsseldorf Niagara Gallery - Düsseldorf Galerie Puri - Kassel - Düsseldorf Tendence - Frankfurt Art Galerie - Möhnesee Galerie Elzenheimer - Schwalbach Spain Mac 21 - Marbella USA: Holland Art House - Philadelphia Atelier D'arts Originale-Houston, Texas Media: sculpture
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