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alessandro bavariBiography: I was born in 1963 and I attended the art school and then the Accademy of Fine Arts in Rome, studying scenography and art history there. After getting a stronggrounding in the classic techniques of oil painting watercolour and engraving, I was ready to create a new visual language, and to do so I evolved my own techniques using mixed media including tar, glue, industrial paint and chemical photographic etching. The forms used to create the images came from various natural objects such as bones, plants; fossils. I did this for some years until, in 1993, I found the computer, which allowed me to go far beyound the limits of the manual techniques. I treat the computer like any other working instrument, like a brush or palette or a darkroom. Using Photoshop misses out the manual manipulation stage, but allow me to go straight to the thinking process. However, there are certain processes, like etching on metal with chemicals, which the computer can emulate, but never replace. Meanwhile I took part to collective exibition and I gave personal exibition in many galleries, working also for many agencies. Now in addition I make computer animation with DIRECT2BRAIN Studios. Country: Italy Birthyear: 37 Galleries: SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 05/97: (Computer art) Latinafiori - LATINA, ITALY. 02/96: (Computer art) PianoArt - LATINA, ITALY. 01/96: (Illustration) Mc Cann Erikson - ROME, ITALY. 06/87: (painting), Locali di Kaos gallery - ROME, ITALY. SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 12/00: (Computer Art), Pixxelpoint, International Computer Art Festival" - NOVA GORICA. 04/00: (Illustration), Farfa, Italy. 12/99: (Painting) Colomba Art Gallery - LATINA, ITALY. 10/99: (Computer art), Adobe, The Imagination Gallery South Crescent, LONDON. 06/98: (Computer Art) Colomba Art Gallery - LATINA, ITALY. 05/97: (painting) Colomba Art Gallery - LATINA, ITALY. 11/95: “3º recontres Internationales d’Art Contemporain” (painting), Centre d’Animation Cordier - PARIS. 07/95: “… Eventi: arte contemporanea a Sermoneta” (painting) - SERMONETA, ITALY. 07/94: Gresse en Vercors (painting) - GRENOBLE, FRANCE. 07/93: (Illustration) Castello di S.Severa - S.SEVERA, ITALY 08/92: “Annual Illustrator’s International Exhibition” (illustration), Itabashi Art Museum - TOKYO. 08/92: (painting) Ferrero Gallery - NICE, FRANCE 07/92: “XXVI Internazional Price of Contemporary Art” (painting) - PRINCIPAUTE DE MONACO. 04/92: “Annual Illustrator’s International Exhibition” (illustration), ArteFiera - BOLOGNA, ITALY. 04/91: (painting) C.R.A.C gallery - ROME, ITALY. 12/90: (painting), Ministero del Tesoro, U.N.I.C.E.F. - ROME, ITALY. 07/90: “Rassegna di incisioni, disegni, stampe” (calcography) - LATINA, SABAUDIA, ITALY. 04/90: “Ex-libris” (calcography), exposition room library Aldo Manuzio - LATINA, ITALY. 10/89: “Stato della ricerca formale a Latina e provincia” (painting), Federlazio - LATINA. 07/89: “Rassegna di incisioni” (calcography), Procoio gallery - LATINA, ITALY. 07/87: “Estivia” (painting) - LATINA, ITALY. 01/87: (painting), Bue Toscano gallery - ROME, ITALY. 01/86: “Serata collettiva” (illustration), Histeria - ROME, ITALY. 03/85: “Serata Accademia”, Ass. Culturale Versacrum gallery - ROME, ITALY. Awards: HONORS AND AWARDS 12/00: Winner of the 3rd prize public (2/D category) in "Pixxelpoint, International Computer Art Festival" - NOVA GORICA. 10/00: Winner of the ”Digital Hall of Fame Award” in 3D Festival Awards, international competition - COPENHAGEN . 07/97: Winner of the ”Photo-realistic images” award on the Adobe “THE POWER OF DESIGN” European competition 1997 - LONDON. 06/93: “41º Fiera Internazionale di Roma” (calcography - II prize), Fiera di Roma, international competition - ROME. Media: photography, computer and painting Style: surrealistic Subjects: other, visionarie
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