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b jAXON, E.C.A.D.Biography: Artist Bio: b jAXON is executive creative art director for tHE ART oF MUZICK and founder of Muzick Communication Arts & Media Organization (MCAMO), an organization focused on promoting all genres of the arts in communities throughout the state of California. By creating unique opportunities, activities and events which link and bridge gaps between business, merchants, creative minds and local community artists. Former director of Studio-X Cultural Arts Center and an art educator/ instructor at Quality of Life Academy both in Southern California. jAXON is a member of The National Fine Arts Title Registry and sat on the inaugural Board of Admissions for the Oakland School of the Arts. "My work has been on display throughout the United States, Canada and most recently the UK by special gallery invitation". My challenge is to ALL Communities to simply get involved. Support, sponsor and create local art ideas, events and projects… "It can only get better when we start something wonderful". "My work is reflective of images capturing the subject but for a moment in time". "An expression, in thought, the 'Human Condition' at best". The passion of my work is revealed through the eyes of many of my subjects". Pencil, graphite, charcoal, watercolor, and (film) photography are mediums of many of his original portraits. Music is a favorite theme of mine as a working medium to create in because of its universal appeal as I attempt to capture the expression of the performing artist. In my portraiture, I want the eyes and expression of each subject to tell a story to the viewer so they may become as one". Country: USA Birthyear: 1951 Galleries: John Muir Hospital Surgery Center (Walnut Creek, CA) I'VE BEEN FRAMED, Shop & Gallery (Martinez, CA) 'Z' GALLERY ARTS Center (Richmond, CA) Studio-X (Pomona, CA) Ya'Ya' Tea Bar (Los Angeles, CA) Studio-X Annex (West Hollywood,CA) Awards: Satisfaction of Creation Media: drawing Style: realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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