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Gian GentaBiography: Gian Genta was born 63 years Savona where he resides. A man who despite the fists of life have not spared a fine show in trouble pragma and disillusionment: the scrubs the soul, that when you can not put silenced. "My love for art Gian Genta said in a recent interview-born instinctive, independent and persevering can'tI retrodatarlo, Having dedicated since the 60s the first to the painting then inlaid wood after writing verses and aphorisms and then ceramics. Self, who naively committed as is the search for truth, I always refused any academic principle is to meet because of my mistakes, and for not feel stifled by gratitude to a few master. " Personality complex and worry that by Gian Genta, Paul Castellucci in 1974 about his paintings speaks on ECO OF ART of a young artist who along on the vehicle images stages of that complicated man be called, mimics society and history isolating in a kind of dimension where artificial playing and irony assume the appearance accuser for a illusory process daily. Frequent circles attended the school and the legendary artistic Albissolese since the 1960-70 ani Gian Genta lives in close contact with the biggest names in Italian with which he has a relationship of friendship but both confidentiality and respect fascinated by the different as Sassu, Fabbri and Fontana and others with which it has had a chance to think and reflect. And it is precisely that Aligi Sassu Gian Genta is recognized more for his primitivism focused on the figure and that his passion and gestural archaic Sassu which breaks the rules of form and decoration. And not alone. Sassu poet is a politically and socially, an artist with a march more, in ways that can transparencies and merciless to be all the tenant, when the colors are silenced and projections of you can express with words. As an artist Gian Genta found only in recent years a growing interest from critics and public: exhausted the political animosity that for many years has dominated, with the new millennium turns its experienced staff to participate in artistic forms immediate alternating the land in and doing slide sign and colors in poetry as in looking for that light that must wrap. In 2002 released his first collection of images and thoughts "Flowers Nettle" which devotes its front page the artist friend Giorgio Moiso, in 2005, the second book in verse and aphorisms "After next" whose cover angel in a straitjacket force, sees the involvement of Gianni Giannici... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: Italia Birthyear: 1944 Galleries: Babelearte Art4Heart.Gallery Equilibri Arte The Saatchi Gallery Artday Network Artmajeur Artemotore Elmuseovirtual Artistasdelatierra Artabus arteraku Arcyart artboomer Artprocess Galleryonline Sculturaitaliana Artscad Artprocess etc.... Awards: Primo premio della critica 2007 Primo premio cittą di Alessandria 2007 Premio Seetal 2007 Art Majeur Silver Award 2007 Media: sculpture, ceramic Style: expressionistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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