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Marion GriffithBiography: I am a face and bodypainter in Houston Texas.Originaly from Trier Germany. I am a fun loving,outgoing and very down to earth kind of person who has just recently discovered she has a talent and a huge LOVE for painting on skin.It started out with just simple cheek art at childrens b-day parties,company picnics,etc.One year ago I discovered the wonderful world of full-face painting and its endless possibilities.Being that I didnt have a model at hand to practice on,I started painting my own face.Figured that if i can paint it on my own face that I could paint it on anyone :>) My love for painting new designs grew and grew and will always be growing :>) I build my very first facepainting page. 6 month or so ago I expanded my canvas to the entire body and build a bodypainting page. Painting on skin has become my passion,in a artist point of view :>)
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