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grimaldi eduardo c.Biography: Eduardo Grimaldi Born in Salerno on February 11th, 1973 Personal Expositions Les rêves du funambule: Le trottoir, Milan – Italy, 2003 Par-fois la nuit: Café Charbon, Paris – France, 2002 Les rêves du funambule: Les funambules, Paris – France, 2001 Faces in the night: Zen Multimedia Space, Salerno – Italy, 1998 Istant-matic: Zen Multimedia Space, Salerno – Italy, 1997 Graffiti: Le Giubbe Rosse, Florence – Italy, 1997 Omaggio a Duchamp (Tribute to Duchamp): “Il Panfilo del libro”, Feltre (Belluno) - Italy, 1996 Frammenti (Fragments): Intra moenia, Naples – Italy, 1996 Frammenti (Fragments): Zen Multimedia Space, Salerno – Italy, 1996 2003: Master in Business Communication at the “Cattolica” University in Milan, Italy. 2002: University Degree in History of Contemporary Art in the Faculty of Modern Literature at the University of Salerno, Italy – Degree thesis: “Jan Saudek: the intricate life of photography”. memory is nourished by images and is never the spoken word but it is always a confused image you can catch and also loose in every moment. par-Fois La Nuit and Les Rêves Du Funambule are two parts of the same research. A research I have been working on in the past few years with the aim of photographing the mental image of remembrance. par-Fois La Nuit is the story of unexpected meetings in the night of the city, nights, gazes lost in the dark emptiness, common gestures, little ennuis and Saturday night loneliness, redeeming dances, exchanges of confused words, and all to construct a new kind of memory where images and words are "out of sync". les rêves du funambule is, at the other hand, the story of surreal - but truly lived - situations: angels, wizards, fairies and demons, misunderstandings and mental associations between different memories, in a space between life and dreams, a region where real, likely and fantastic constructions live together and are nourished by the same haemorrhage of colours and forms. Country: italy Birthyear: 1973 Media: photography, computer and digital media Style: surrealistic Subjects: light and color, people, portraits and characters
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