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jett vivereBiography: Vivere was born 1987 in Paisley and raised in Ayrshire, west coast of Scotland. With a history of art in the family Vivere took an interest in art at young age and has been a keen artist ever since. After studying fine art and having successful end of year shows and exhibitions in Glasgow and Edinburgh she has embarked on a career as an artist with work on exhibition in various galleries. Following other artist careers have been influential to Jett’s work and success. These artists include Peter Howson, Gerard Burns, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol. Vivere’s work, like the artist who inspire her is unique, stylish and quirky. Unafraid of creating bold images that make a visual statement and choosing colour wisely using it to create a bigger impact on a large scale. When painting Vivere uses oil bars for their flexibility and greater control that can be achieved by the direct application of the oils by hand. The simplicity of the lines and marks on the canvas bellies the work and preparation required to produce such dramatic images Country: ayrshire Birthyear: 21/01/87 Galleries: seagull gallery gourock pink gallery helenburgh laurel gallery edinburgh Media: oil Style: impressionistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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