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marco munoz JaramilloBiography: Marco Muñoz Jaramillo was born in Guayaquil Ecuador on November 23, 1957 to his parents Alfredo and Leonor. Jaramillo is his mother’s maiden name. His father left for the United States prior to sending for Leonor and Marco and settled in Washington Heights, New York City where they lived in humble beginnings during the tumultuous 60’s. The cold concrete world of city living was a far cry from the warm familiar climate of Ecuador. Marco sought comfort by sketching an isolated tree growing in a patch of dirt behind the apartment complex where he lived and another world was opened to him. Marco later developed a fascination with artists such as Picasso and Michelangelo and researched them passionately. Later, in public high school, in Elizabeth, NJ, under art teacher, Mr. Tagliaferro, Marco, being further inspired, produced pencil renderings in graphite of the human figure and in Mr. Tagliaferro’s words “are refreshingly different, expressing a sensitivity never before achieved in his other works” and that he had “matured into an artist” and would make a significant contribution to the art world. Later at the Chicago Arts Institute, he further cultivated his ability by becoming well trained and well-versed in contemporary as well as traditional painting. Marco found himself making decisions that set the course of his career as a painter to remain in a state of hibernation for a period of years until recently. In 1998, Marco built his own studio and began to paint once again. This is the fruit of his experience, his thoughts, his dreams and his vision. “I am still that child drawing a tree outside the window of my concrete, brick, and mortar tenement apartment building”. Country: USA Birthyear: november 23 1957 Media: computer or digital art Style: abstract Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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