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m.senthil nathanBiography: Biography · Name of the Artist >>M.senthilnathan · Date of Dbirth >> 28 / 02 / 1975 · Academic Qualification >> Bachelor of Fine arts-B.F.A(Painting) pondicherry University-2001//Master of Fine arts-M.F.A(Graphics) Indira kala sangeet university, Chattisgarh-2004//U.G.C – NET (Eligibility for Lectureship – 2004 Dec) · Additional Qualification >> Textile Designing and stage craft//Computer applications (Adobe Photoshop cs2, Corel Draw)//Stage Background Designing //Interior Designing. · Scholarships and honors >>Academic Merit Scholarship-1999(B.F.A)//Young Talented artist - 2005 SZCC, Tanjore.// · Projects/Dissertation>>Tantra Art- An Anthology (B.F.A)//Metaphysical Art- Tantra (M.F.A). // · National Exhibitions Participation and Awards>> // Camlin 2nd Southern Region Art Exhibition 2001 // // Sczccc National Art Exhibition. Nagpur 2004//Camlin 6th Southern Region Art Exhibition 2004/ Camlin 7th Southern Region Art Exhibition 2005//All India Art Exhibition 2006.Amritsar//All India Art Exhibition – pune 2006//All India Art exhibition – Lucknow2006//Agnipath all India Art exhibition – New Delhi2006//Bombay Art Society –All India art Exhibition 2007//All India Fine Arts Society –New Delhi 2007//SCZCC National art Exhibition –Nagpur 2007 · International Exhibitions Participations >>Kochi 6th international Print Biennial –Japan2004 2005// V Printing Festival 2006 EVORA.portugal//5 International Graphic Triennal. BITOLA (Macedonia)//2006 Iowa Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Miniature Prints.America//12th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition, R.O.C. Taiwan/ Finland International mini print competition -2007. · International Exhibitions Selections >>>> IOWA – USA international Miniature mini-prints – 2006 / Macedonia – international printing Biennial(Faces and signs)-2006/ V Printing Festival 2006 EVORA.portugal-2006/ · Painting and printing camps >> Aurodan Art Gallery .Pondicherry 2006//Bharat Bhavan 24th National print-making camps2006 · Solo Shows >> Vision – Metamorphosis. Khairagarh I.K.S.V Camp/Alliance Françoise (Pondicherry)/ Mukti Art Gallery, (Kottakuppam)/ Aurolec Cafeteria (Auroville). · Group Shows >>Art fest 2004 ( Khairagarh)/Art Mela –2005 (Pondicherry)/ Sczcc All India Art Competition -2002004 /Agnipath All India exhibition – New Delhi /Iowa-USA , international miniature biennial Exhibition /Macedonia international Print Biennial -2006,Britan/Bombay Art S... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: India Birthyear: 1975/feb/28 Galleries: Referre Bography Awards: Referre Biography Media: other, Graphics prints- Etching,collography,lithography Style: spiritual Subjects: other, Meta-physical and tantric
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