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nevena stefanovaBiography: Nevena Stefanova was born in 1980. In 2004 she has graduated the National Academy of Art in Sofia,Bulgaria - major painting. As a student, she was awarded two academic awards for a study painting.In the period 2001-2004 she used to work for an advertising agency both in the graphic and web design. In the same period she worked over her professional growth in painting. Now she prefer portraits and nudes in my creations. * 1997 - 1998 exhibited in gallery - Arbanassi * exhibitions "Drawing" - 2000 * 2001 - exhibition organized of fondation dr.Stamen Grigorov * 2002 - Art Gallery "Sesons" - Sofia. * 2003 - Balkan youth festival- Greece. * 2003 - Plenary Session - Balchik. * 2004 - participate in group exhibitions present from - Sofia .There are many of her works in private collections in Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan and Bulgaria. Country: bulgaria Birthyear: 1980 Media: oil Style: realistic Subjects: people, portraits and characters
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