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Solaimon OlumeeBiography: Solaimon Olumee was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1973. As a young child, he had the opportunity to travel abroad with his family and was exposed to many different cultures and people. He took a fascination with art at a young age of six, and has always had a passion to express himself through art and other media. In 1979, the Soviet invasion forced him to flee to America, and he had the opportunity to visit a culture that had fascinated him as a child. In the company of his mother, father and an older brother, he experienced America for the first time, a country that he had always considered in semi mythic proportions. Growing up in America was very difficult to accept at first: a stranger in a strange land. However, he managed to survive. Now, 21 years later, he has a passion to capture the spirit that belonged to a country that once was. He has earned a degree in Fine Arts from George Mason University and is currently a graphic designer and animator. In his own words he expresses, "I do not start a painting with sketches, I do not paint on location, and I never work from photos. I get this burst of imagination and energy. Having felt that creative energy, I rush to my studio, dip my brush into paint, and let it move freely on canvas.
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