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shaun parrinBiography: currently exploring digital media enhancing original images through colour and texture, currently looking at rural icons. My images explore the nature of what we are lead to believe is photography and the presentation of the image, usually in another form and trying to find that line between what is art and what is photography. the works are photographically reproduced true to the original medium, some in multiple format as diptych, triptych etc. Country: england Birthyear: 1960 Galleries: Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton March 2004 - June 2004 Lighthouse media and exhibition centre Wolverhampton August 2004, Glasshouse college Stourbridge oct to dec 04, Quay gallery, Bewdley, Bewdley museum May to June 2005, Birmingham Botanical gardens summer 2005 open exhibition, Harlow library gallery aug 05, Media: computer or digital art Style: symbolic, photo art - all categories Subjects: landscapes and nature, ...considering
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