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suman kabirajBiography: Suman Kabiraj was born in Suri, West Bengal. He has completed his Masters of visual Arts and Bachelor of Visual arts in Painting in 2006 and 2004 From Govt. college of Art & craft, Calcutta University. Now he is a full time practising artist, doing works with various mediums like Oil, Acrylic, Watercolours and Video Art. His works are being mounted in various Art Galleries of India. Born in a semi-urban area,very close to village, he had the fortune of getting in close contact with the rural area-both spatially and psycho-spatially. Then he moved to Kolkata for his art education and since then he has been into the entrails of this megapolis. Such a geographical binary,and the tension within, have contributed largely to his painterly imagination. in more ways then one. In fact, he loves to revel in the dangerous beauty of the binaries, Dream and reality, matter and void, light and darkness, he calls them dangerous because they have the ability to slip into each other's space rendering the so-called borderline in between deeply inane and superfluous. Country: India Birthyear: 1982 Galleries: Emami Chisel Art Pvt.Ltd,kolkata-2009 Awards: Governor's Gold Medal in 2004 National Award in 5th Camlin Art exhibition(visit to London &Paris art museums)in 2005. Award in 5th Eastern Region art exhibition in 2004. Sunil das scholarship from Govt.College Of Art &Craft in 2003. Gopen Roy Memorial Award from Indian Society of Oriental art,kolkta in 2002. Gaganendranath Tagore Memorial Award from Indian Society of Oriental art,2001. Rashbehari DuttaMemorial Scholarship from of Art &Craft,kolktain 2002. Mukul Dey Award for Outstanding Graphic Art from of Art &Craft in 2003. award in 2nd Camlin Eastern Region Art Exhibition,kolkta. Award from Bengal Talent search Organisation2004 Media: other, Oil and Acrylic on canvas Style: surrealistic, Narrative
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