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teoman madra Biography: 50 tünel Istanbul Tel - 2926744 .<>, <> url: 2nd representation with same domain name CANLI MULTİMEDYA GÖSTERİSİ PROJE: Atom MediaMusic (BATUR SÖNMEZ) NewMediaKitchen (TEOMAN MADRA) İÇERİK: Canlı görsel - işitsel performans ve çokortamlı kurgu (elektronik müzik, video, multimedya, vb.) SANATÇILAR: Teoman Madra (video – multimedya – netart) Batur Sönmez (ses – müzik – video) december 2002 in karaköy Liman Lokantasi -SAFRAN-a behind the bar light box from six composition 120cm X 840cm got realized within the restoration project of my daughter Tulya Madra november 2002 -0nline actively has started to be online promoted- february 14, 2002 january 10, 11 2002 "solarintermedia2002" geothe institue teutonia tunel istanbul -0nline actively promoted- 2001 december online participant to a workshop entitled solarcircuit 2002 2 urls partly photographed and being webdesigned by nmk -teoman madra-, -on line under construction- solar2002 multi media show -february 2002- at istanbul goethe institute with live and recorded bacground music + modern dance + live photography workshop 2001 september 4 weeks of non stop video art shows 16.00-20.00 at cafeKV tunel geçidi 142 beyoglu istanbul 2001 49. Venice Biennale web page preparation for the Turkish Pavillion -depicting the orientalism to and fro-entitled -"" own web site under construction url for net art workshops and for contemporary art news mostly needs more promotion for attendance and active realizations for nmk workshops to make new media creativities <email:> 2001 PHOTO Exhibition at ODTU Faculty of ArchitectureODTU Ankara event called -interactions- 2-6 April 2001 url and multi media floppy projections to the students at the multi media show auditorium 2001 two times -different occasions- multi media concert with Ilhan Ersahin Sextet at Babylon 1999 multimedia - internet presentation as gif animation show (11.7.1999) at the Italian Pavillion - Space A Oreste group at the 48.Biennale di Venezia - 1999 artagora dis... to see complete biography, click on artist's name Country: turkey Birthyear: 1931 Galleries: goethe institute in istanbul Awards: none Media: performance Style: abstract, photogramms
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