Dark Skies 09 Pagoda Arch Gallery of Calico

From the East
With the Harvesters

Bonfires The Pagoda Arch was the source of the bonfires. It was built by Pallet Man. It was 16' high and 20' wide. It was 65 pallets in the making. It looked like Stone Henge. At first it seemed as if the Pagoda would not be burned. Sometime after the Icons had burned, it still being calm, it was decided that it would be safe to burn it after taking it apart. We made seven piles of pallets stacked 1-3 high. One was started with gasoline, another by diesel, others by burning wood. We rode a bicycle around the bonfires while they were burring. The heat from the fires was so intense one couldn't walk the tracks left by the bike tires. It was a fabulous fire festival.

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