Oprah Winfrey Gallery of Kevin Curtis Barr

Oprah Winfrey
" SERENADE "...fine art print
Kid Cartoon Series 4 Books
Chaka Stole The Night
Luther Vandross
Charlize Theron

A Fine Art reprint 32 x 40 on canvas is $425.00 (without the boarder). A 16 x 20 color print is $80.00. Please contact Kevin Curtis Barr at:(513) 546-2537 (cel) / 241-1160 (hm) (Hm Email: JesusBarr70@Aol.Com Address: 405 Broadway Street Suite 900, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202....THE ANGELS FLED THE HEAVENS, THE FLAME ECLIPED THE NIGHT, THE PLANETS STOPPED REVOLVING...WHEN CHAKA STOLE THE NIGHT (do you remember where you were that day...when...) poet Ernest Lee Little

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