BOO-Duh-ViSioN Gallery of Scott R. Kimball

24/7 "REaLITY" TV Network
BOO-Duh "Ultra-light"

Simply put, BOO-Duh-ViSioN is the movement to end all movements. You may think it is a joke, but BOO-Duh-ViSioN is far more REAL than any "reality" show I've seen yet, and even more exciting. The real beauty of BOO-Duh-Vision is that you can watch absolutely anything with it...even other "reality" TV shows. Framing reality in two boxes is twice as fun as just using one box at a time, try it out today, and I think you will agree. The current paradigm doesn't stand a chance in the face of BOO-Duh-Vision. BOO-Duh-Vision Network channel cameras cover the world from all angles, and at all times...sorry, there's nowhere to run. Don't miss out. $3.00

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