POEMS Gallery of Tom Brown

The Pond (cropped)

". . . There came a dragonfly and settled down On a stem before my eyes, and made me think How in nature too there is a history, And that this winged animal of light, Before it could delight my eye, had been In a small way a dragon of the deep, A killer and meat-eater on the floor Beneath the April surface of the pond; And that it rose and cast its kind in May As though putting away costume and mask In the bitter play, and taking a lighter part. And thinking so, I saw with a new eye How nothing given us to keep is lost Till we are lost, and immortality Is ours until we have no use for it And live anonymous in nature’s name Though named in human memory and art. Not consolation, Christopher, though rain Fill up the pond again and keep your name Bright as the glittering water in the spring; Not consolation, but our acquiescence. And I made this song for a memorial Of yourself, boy, and the dragonfly together." From “The Pond” by Howard Nemerov Howard Nemerov was a Poet Laureate of the United States, and the printed poem is the background of the painting. The mirrors reflect the fluorescent on the back of the aluminum shapes.

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