Digital Consciousness Gallery Service
On-line Portfolios for Artists
Gallery Service consists principally of hosting online galleries for emerging visual artists. It is an excellent method for contemporary artists to gain recognition. Artists must first register with Digital Consciousness.
To register go to:
We construct and publish a public Artist Page for each registered artist.

Artist Pages include an image of the artist's work and a biography.
Registration is open to all artists and free of charge.
To obtain Gallery Service a registered artist uses the edit link at the bottom of the artist's Artist Page. Then, from a control panel an artist can upgrade to Gallery Service.

Gallery Service Artists can create and edit galleries. Twenty galleries are $30 per year. There is no commission on artwork sold through the galleries.
Galleries and individual images from them are prominently displayed free of any advertisements in the Galleries section and other parts of Digital Consciousness.

Developments in the art careers of Gallery Artists, such as show openings, awards, contribution of paintings to charity auctions and additions to their galleries are announced in the Digital Consciousness News. Digital Consciousness News is emailed monthly to subscribers, posted on usenet, distributed to other media and publicly archived.