Digital Consciousness News First Edition

First Edition

This is the inaugural edition of Digital Consciousness News, a description and review of the contents of Digital Consciousness. The URL for Digital Consciousness is And, also or which are easier to remember.

Over the last several years hundreds of hilarious jokes, uplifting stories and even controversial items have been emailed to us. Our email correspondents are really insightful and witty. They needed a larger audience so we picked the best stuff and put it in the Amusements, Jokes, items, etc. menu. There are 13 categories to select from: Jokes Vol 1; Jokes Vol 2; Jokes Vol 3; Technology; Politics; Oneliners; Sex; Religion; Lawyers; Reality; A Personality Test; Princess Di; and Stories.

If you have been emailing amusing items to us, keep it up, we read everything! There is a good chance your items will be added soon if they haven't been already. For faster results, post directly on our ad-free Bulletin Board.

The Museums of the World Menu links to digital photographs of publicly exhibited paintings that were taken in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and in European Museums. The LACMA paintings are from 1899-1954, and those images are on the pacificnet server. The European paintings are masterpieces from throughout history now displayed in the Tate Gallery and the National Gallery in London, the Louvre and the Museum d'Orsay in Paris and in the Florence Museums. These images are on the Tripod, Geocities, Xoom, and Freeyellow servers which all display ads. Digital Consciousness has nothing to do with the ads. We put the images where they are because of the quasi-public nature of these servers (that is they are free). If there is a server problem, let us know.

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All the Best, Jon