Digital Consciousness News

Eleventh Edition, August 2000

Paul Sable is the August Digital Color Artist of the month.
Paul creates large scale acrylic mobiles for corporate, public and private spaces. His work is playful, colorful, balanced, kinetic, translucent or transparent and fun.

The Expatriate Yourself Poetry Contest. figured a lot of poets might have a burning need to roam around the world, but often find themselves in a routine that doesn't afford them the possibility of international travel. Well, whoever wins this contest is going to be expatriated for a while, since first prize is a Round Trip Airfare from the US to South America. Come down here, meet new people, learn a new language, work on your writing, take photos, be a tourist, get lost in the Andes, whatever you want. Visit for details.

The following artists have been added to the database. Their art may be accessed through Digital Consciousness
  • Jose Javier Cabello -- Born in 1963 (Canary Islands, Spain) he began painting in 1998. Jose exhibits paintings in various media and styles, most of them in acrylics on canvas.
  • Oscar Araripe -- Landscapes, animals, portraits, interiors, still life, cityscapes with acrylic on synthetic canvas.
  • John Alderman -- A painter and sculptor of marble and bronze.
  • Tschanz Nicolas -- porcelains and pictures.
  • Maria Trinca -- Canvases and sketches are mainly watercolors, with some acrylics and gouache. Sketches are as small as 5 by 8 inches, larger canvases go up to 3 by 6 feet.
  • Christine Waterstone -- BA Fine Art Loughborough. ATC University of London. Teacher of art and photography. Professional photographer in the Middle East.
  • Nancy Zbik -- From Canada. An emotional style. Pegasus Artist of the Week. Exhibits at Silver Graphics Gallery
  • Mary Linderman -- Large generaly decorative oils or monoprints also many nude male and female figure studies.

The following artists have modified their pages this month:
  • D.G. Dodia
  • Chris Opfell
  • Jesper Eriksson
  • Arek Zyla

If you wish to register as an artist, use the form at As of August 22, 2000 there are 150 artists in the database. The database received 6386 visits from July 23 to August 22, 2000.

The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color accepts nominations for art awards, juries the nominees on the basis of art published on the Internet, and promotes the winning artists. Winners are announced on the 23rd of each month. Nominations close on the 9th of each month to leave ample time for deliberation. To nominate an artist use the form at

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