Digital Consciousness News

December 2000 -- January 2001. 15th Edition

Happy Holidays.

Anca Laxer is the December 2000 -- January 2001 Digital Color Artist of the month.
Anca is from Israel. She creates fantasy watercolors, drawings and digital art. Her subjects include portraits and characters, distorted objects and compositions with people placed in unusual settings.

Page Editing
Digital Consciousness has added the capability for registered artists to edit their own pages. To edit artists should click on the Edit link and the bottom of their page, enter their password and insert their new material.

The following artists have been added to the database. Their art may be accessed through Digital Consciousness
  • Taimuraz Kozirev -- representative of a new direction of contemporary painting - industrialism.
  • Rahul Gajjar -- from India. Practicing Digital Printmaker and Graphic Designer.
  • Nick Church -- photography student at Pratt Institute.
  • Gary L. Nichols -- Realistic and impressionistic oils of Island Life. Southwest Ethnic.
  • Keith Nash -- Photography and print techniques. Expressionistic light and color, "Landscapes of the Mind"
  • Jason Langley -- born 1984. award winning drawings.
  • Vitali Komarov -- from the Czech republic. Impressionistic landscapes and nature.
  • Ralf Zakko Petersen -- from Germany. Realistic drawings of people and characters.
  • K. Antonio Puri -- Inner Experiences. Inspiration from Spanish artists like Goya, Velasquez, and Gaudi, to the Dadaists and abstract expressionists like Rauschenberg and Pollock.
  • Diego Manuel Rodríguez -- from Argentina. Expressionistic cityscapes and interiors.
  • Joël Ochs -- from France. Realistic oil stilllifes.
  • Evert Robles -- form the Netherlands. Spiritual art for the 21st century
  • Primordial Arts -- art utilizing a facial motif to create designs depicting spirit, emotion, feeling, mood, attitude and behavior.
  • Claudio Parentela -- from Italy. Visionary drawings of people, portraits and characters.
  • Carola Hoelting -- from Germany. Mystical oils of light and color.
  • Richard Ellis -- Neo Photo-Realist oils of cityscapes.
  • ELEYKAA Tahleh -- Mystical watercolors of people.
  • Brian Zenk -- A digital collage art collection.
  • Andros -- from Italy. Expressionistic oils.
  • jsun Van Tatenhove -- from Colorado. Symbolic digital art.
  • Ric Sweitzer -- Psychic snapshots of the soul.
  • Robert Pepper -- Conceptual paintings and tribal designs.
  • Jack Campbell -- Realistic watercolors of landscape and nature.
  • Kolja Tatic -- from Yugoslavia. Paints the silent, distant and lonely world.
  • Christopher English -- Symbolist narrative pictures.

If you wish to register as an artist, use the form at As of December 23 there are 255 artists in the database.

The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color accepts nominations for art awards, juries the nominees on the basis of art published on the Internet, and promotes the winning artists. Winners are announced on the 23rd of each month. Nominations close on the 9th of each month to leave ample time for deliberation. To nominate an artist use the form at

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