Digital Consciousness News

February 2001. 16th Edition

Marianne Mölgård.
Marianne Mölgård is the February 2001 Digital Color Artist. Portraiture is Marianne's passion. She draws and works in oils, acrylics, watercolors and charcoal. She carries her drawing tools with her. Her ambition is to give her paintings a realistic look and a special atmosphere. In portraits she aims for a realistic and true look for a living portrait.

The following artists have been added to the database. Their art may be accessed through Digital Consciousness
  • Andy Gamache -- Canadian photographer.
  • Kathryn Veeck -- equine and wildlife artist.
  • Peter Bartlock -- based in Chiangmai, Thailand. German furniture designer.
  • Sandra Jeknavorian -- diptychs based on the lives of her great aunts.
  • Steven Michael Gardner -- Professional Wildlife Artist.
  • eq (Andreas Schäfer) -- from Germany. Emotional abstract art.
  • Margarette Chery -- from Canada. Landscape and nature oils.
  • Jeanine Jackson -- impressionistic portraits.
  • Nigel Stone -- realistic watercolors and drawing of cityscapes.
  • Peter Saw -- impressionistic watercolors and soft pastels.
  • Matthew Bates -- living in Firenze. Photo-realistic oils.
  • Bob Dornberg -- impressionistic oils.
  • Armands Auseklis -- computer aided landscapes fantasty.
  • Larry House -- historical western sculpture.
  • Katharina Woodworth -- dragons, fairies, goddesses, angels, fish & mermaids.
  • Michael Robb -- symbolic computer portraits.
  • Sebastian Cudicio -- computer art of the human experience.
  • Alessandro Bavari -- surrealistic photogrpher.
  • Christy Corso -- geometric shapes.
  • Hermann Alfred Sigg -- from Switerland. Abstract rivers.
  • Loewy Eva -- from Israel. Abstract oils.
  • Lorenzo Tomasi -- from Italy. Mixed media portraits.
  • Freeston Williams -- watercolor landscapes.
  • Betty Trice -- impressionistic; Spiritual, Eastern, Southwestern.
  • Jaff Seijas -- visionary mixed media.
  • Hisham Zrake -- a surrealistic description of life.
  • Deb Daniels -- computer generated landscapes.
  • Tom Repasky -- computer generated surrealistic landscapes.

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The Digital Color Art Awards.
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