Digital Consciousness News

March 2001. 17th Edition

Evert A. Robles (b. 1965) from the Netherlands.
Evert Robles is the March 2001 Digital Color Artist. Evert creates spiritual art for the 21st century. Evert works in various media: painting, photography, digital art and graphics. It has been shown in Amsterdam and Detroit galleries.

The following artists have been added to the database. Their art may be accessed through Digital Consciousness
  • Nelson Castillo -- realistic drawings.
  • Peter J Caley -- realistic oils of people.
  • Rochelle Blumenfeld -- acrylics of light and color.
  • Christina Conrad -- outsiderart.
  • Folke Bagger -- realistic watercolors from Sweeden.
  • Sally Chase -- abstract oils of light and color.
  • Linda O'Neill -- digital creations. people and animals.
  • Ralph Manis -- photorealistic digital cityscapes.
  • David Camp -- mystical digital art.
  • Thom Byrd -- realistic drawings of people.
  • Jing Nuan Wu -- visionary treatment of light and color.
  • Jürgen Streit -- geometric shapes in acrylic.
  • Gaspar Cortés Zarrías -- expressionistic oils.
  • Harmony Mason -- realistic drawings.
  • Ralph Rosenfield -- dance.
  • Oleg Bezyuk -- expressionistic abstracts.
  • Arthur Moore -- encaustic and oil/mixed media.
  • Gabriel Panev -- surrealistic oils from Bulgaria.
  • Miguel Cerejido -- musical phenomenon.
  • Afanassy Pud -- surrealistic digital portraits.
  • Ivanichka Paneva -- realistic oil cityscapes.
  • Hristo Panev -- expressionistic oils.
  • James Robinson -- digital everything.
  • Vicki Messinger -- digital abstract geometry.
  • Yury Pestov -- lithography landscapes and nature.
  • Chris Donovan -- surrealistic fantasy.
  • Willem den Broeder -- mixed media surrealisim.
  • Georgine Morelli -- realistic watercolors.
  • Helena Anderson -- mystical watercolors.
  • Michael Wright -- surrealistic cityscapes.
  • Leslie Lewis -- shapes and simplified landscapes.
  • Marwen El hicheri -- symbolic and mystical collage.
  • Jan Lis -- acrylic in transparent watercolor style.
  • John DeMarco -- spiritual mixed media.

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The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color accepts nominations for art awards, juries the nominees on the basis of art published on the Internet, and promotes the winning artists. Winners are announced on the 23rd of each month. Nominations close on the 9th of each month to leave ample time for deliberation. To nominate an artist use the form at

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