Digital Consciousness News

May 2001. 19th Edition

R.W. Firestone
is the May 2001 Digital Color Artist. R.W. Firestone was born in Brooklyn in 1930, the son of a doctor and a fashion designer.

His desire to understand himself and people in his life led him to study psychology. His need for a creative outlet led him to painting. His portraits in particular reveal his burgeoning insights into the "real" human being behind the facade.

The following artists have been added to the database and have images displayed on Digital Consciousness
  • Lino Budano -- sculpture from Italy.
  • Maria Korporal -- more sculpute from Italy.
  • Terje R°nnes -- from Norway. Symbolic landscapes.
  • Matthias Bergemann -- surrealism from Germany.
  • Stephanie Hill -- Interpretative Portraiture.
  • Kim Phillips -- realistic pen and inks from Michigan.
  • Larry Dodson -- realistic landscapes and nature.
  • Karen Musick -- surrealistic oils.
  • Peter Hutter -- cityscapes from Germany.
  • Tracy Hall -- realistic watercolors from the U.K.
  • Vallee Johnson -- painting & papier-mache.
  • Jacquetta Balla -- glasswork from the U.K.
  • Don Halstead -- impressionistic computer art.
  • Fernando Gutierrez De Velasco -- abstract light and color.
  • Paul Sinclair -- computer abstracts.
  • Amador Vallina -- abstract light and color.
  • Dmitry Filatov -- visionary watercolor.
  • Celestino Mesa -- realistic landscapes.
  • Luthio di CÚciro -- fantasy, magic realism.
  • Amnesia Zero -- symbolic photography.

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The Digital Color Art Awards.
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