Digital Consciousness News Second Edition

DIGITAL CONSCIOUSNESS NEWS -- Second Edition November 23, 1999

This is the second edition of Digital Consciousness News, a description of the content of Digital Consciousness --

Digital Consciousness has opened an Artists Registry, a public database of fine art on the Internet. Artists are encouraged to register regardless of whether their art is currently accessible. For a limited time we will build on-line galleries from digital images submitted to Digital Consciousness at no charge. Registered Artists will be emailed about the availability of on-line galleries.

The works of many living artists are exhibited in several on-line galleries. The collection of images of my father's watercolors has grown to 23 images each on a separate page with an image viewer that allows one to focus in on any part of the painting. Works of many other excellent artists are featured. Suggested artistic sites are jurored and promoted by Digital Consciousness based on artistic merit. Insightful critiques of the works appear on the Bulletin Board.

The Broadcast Electricity section appears to be about Doomtown, a collectible card game, but is more truly about art, the extraordinary people who play the game, and ultimately about the nature and value of happiness.

The Museums of the World section has expanded to show more masterpieces from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the Tate Gallery and the National Gallery in London, the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay in Paris and in the Munich and Florence Museums. Many of these paintings are, to the best of our searching abilities, found nowhere else on the Internet.

Hilarious jokes, uplifting stories, personality tests, funny graphics, advice, rants and raves continue to come by e-mail. The best are posted in the Digital Amusement section. If you have been e-mailing, keep it up -- we read everything.

The Garden section is a virtual garden based on our actual garden in California. We are growing sage, lavender, exotic cactus and a lot of other stuff, photographing it and putting it on the site along with pictures of Rasky the parrot who is 4 years old now.

The Media and Politics section has articles on various causes, cases and controversies. They are written by different people. All well written submissions are published regardless of political point of view. New is Ralph Shroyer's book Human Survival and the Democratic Society.

Digital Consciousness News is e-mailed primarily to people who have subscribed to it or to Broadcast Electricity News or Gym for the Mind News, who appear in the pages, who have been nominated for a Tripod or Digital Color Art award or who have e-mailed us in the last six months. If you don't want to receive it again, reply to that effect and you won't.

Best wishes on the thorough enjoyment of the next millennium,


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