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June 2001. Issue 20

Oscar Araripe
Oscar Araripe is the June 2001 Digital Color Artist.

Oscar is a new vision of California. Self-taught, as far as anyone can be, he was born in Brazil but was welcomed with open arms in the USA.

Araripe has collectors and admirers in 47 countries. He has had over 100 exhibitions. He paints on synthetic canvas uses ink-markers on paintings and shows his works outdoors to the public at large defying rain and wind.

The following artists have been added to the database since the last newsletter.
  1. Jeroen Sparla
    -- from the Netherlands. Abstract oils and silkscreen prints.
  2. Elissa Dorfman
    -- abstract patterns in various media.
  3. Heather Lynn Gordon
    -- symbolic. Art with words.
  4. Hans-Georg Türstig
    -- from Germany. Digital landscapes.
  5. Victoria M. Velazquez-Szymanski
    -- realistic portraits with gold leaf and beads.
  6. Jose Homem de Melo
    -- fantasy portraits.
  7. Angela Cater
    -- gouache animals and wildlife.
  8. Hans Bulder
    -- realistic animals in oil.
  9. Graham Nicholls
    -- from the UK. Video art.
  10. Sarah Burger
    -- impressionistic oils and watercolors.
  11. Arnold Chao
    -- figurative and surrealistic.
  12. J C Schahrer
    -- surrealistic.
  13. Joseph D. Greenwood
    -- futuristic cities.
  14. Jeff Alu
    -- abstract black and white photography.
  15. DraSan' Nitti
    -- digital dragons.
  16. Elizabeth Hack
    -- the wave series of paintings.
  17. Joseph Matar
    -- impressionistic landscapes and nature.
  18. Gerold Bigorajski
    -- visionary computer art.
  19. Jay Ferranti
    -- fantasy oils of people and animals.
  20. Robert W. Janson
    -- realistic pencil and oil works.
  21. AruXet
    -- from Germany.
  22. Thomas Radcliffe
    -- realistic landscape watercolors.
  23. Rodolfo Insaurralde
    -- hyperrealisitc oils of still life and horses.
  24. Jewels Kirk
    -- spiritual digital art.
  25. Judy N. Bird
    -- neo-expressionistic & classical realism.
  26. Anthony Ryan
    -- from the U.K. Photography.
  27. Andrew Jackson
    -- participant in Lincolnshire's Art on the Map
  28. Terri Baugh-Norman
    -- symbolic oils of light and color.
  29. Maria José Camões
    -- acrylic abstracts
  30. Colin Gale
    -- established British artist. Expressionistic watercolors.
  31. Pierre Georgopoulos
    -- from Australia. Abstract surrealistic landscapes.
  32. Sylvia Worthy
    -- from the U.K. Symbolic acrylic landscapes.
  33. Henry Janok
    -- from Canada. Realistic landscapes.
  34. Dari Caplan
    -- from South Africa. Acrylic expressionistic cityscapes.
  35. Artur Augustynowicz
    -- from Canada. Pop art of people.
  36. Helene Black
    -- from Cyprus. Abstracts of social theory.
  37. Helyn Davenport
    -- surrealistic photography.
  38. Aldo Suarez
    -- mixed media abstracts.
  39. Ignacio Navarro
    -- from Spain. Expressionistic oils, drawings and ceramics.
  40. Lisa Swayne
    -- from Canada. Acrylic abstracts.
  41. Steve Bingham
    -- Digital Manipulation of Photographic Images.
  42. Joseph Christian Leyendecker
    -- His mastery of the commercial art medium surpassed that of his better known follower, Norman Rockwell.
  43. Connie McCormick
    -- Photo-realistic drawing.
  44. Massimo D. Zilioli
    -- from Italy. Abstract lights and colors.
  45. Ingrid Kamerbeek
    -- from Germany. Digital fantasies of light and color.
  46. Friedrich ERIKSDUN
    -- from Germany. Expressionistic oils.
  47. Andy Sharp
    -- Hyperreallism of life and society.
  48. Andrei Borodin
    -- from Russia. Oil pastels. Abstract light and color.
  49. Enrique Pérez
    -- from Spain. Surrealistic people.
  50. Wes Smith
    -- fantasy digital art.
  51. Christopher Lee Donovan
    -- Rochester Institute of Technology student. Photography.
  52. Robert Feinman
    -- realistic landscape photography.
  53. Valery Nenazhivin
    -- from Russia. Cubistic sculpture. Geometric shapes.

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The Digital Color Art Awards.
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