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July 2001. Issue 21

Andy Ross Sharp (b.1975)
Andy Ross Sharp is the July 2001 Digital Color Artist.

A California artist and musician who works in a variety of mediums, Andy Ross Sharp is best known for abstracts and hyperrealism. In his hands a computer is not a hindrance to creativity, but a vehicle for artistic expression. His work offers a unique meld of artistry, technology and talent.

The following artists have been added to the database since the last newsletter. To view the work of any artist go to and enter any part of the artists name. To see the 50 most recent artists go to
  1. Markus Berger. From Germany. Computer art.
  2. Debra Irizarry. Spiritual portrayals of people.
  3. Atman Victor. From Spain. Surrealistic computer art.
  4. Colin Perini. From Australia. Realistic seascapes.
  5. Jayson Vaughn. From Canada. Expressionistic landscapes.
  6. Boris Spornikov. From the Ukraine. Realistic oil landscapes.
  7. Alan Rabinowitz. Photorealistic oils.
  8. Douglas Drenkow. Realistic oil portraits.
  9. Uma K. From India. Realistic landscapes.
  10. Albo Didier. Surrealistic oils.
  11. Roman. German animation.
  12. Friederike Fischer-Achatzy. Fantasy watercolors.
  13. Susanne Iles. Mythological and sacred art from Canada.
  14. Alan Daly. Abstract light and color works.
  15. Sam Halstead. Abstract stained glass.
  16. Derek McCrea. Watercolors and drawings.
  17. Roberto Bono. Abstract acrylics.
  18. Alejandro Silveira. The Carnival of Uruguay.
  19. Ceu Wilkinson. Surrealistic landscapes and nature.
  20. Clive Kay. Realistic acrylic animals and wildlife.
  21. Faith Buck. Cartoon drawing.
  22. Rob Ellis. Acrylics.
  23. James Mcloy. Fantasy drawing.
  24. Iracema Brochado. Mixed media from Brazil.
  25. Sherri Page. Pop acrylics.
  26. Bertrand Eberhard. Oil pastels and Indian inks.
  27. Hazel A. Schatz. Expressive pieces. Faces.
  28. Joseph Tany. From Spain. Fractals.
  29. Marco Vernaglione. Sci-Fi, beautiful women.
  30. Anatoly Krynsky. Cubistic stilllife.
  31. Jerry Wennstrom. Film -- In the Hands of Alchemy.
  32. Guity Novin. Transpressionistic oils.
  33. E. Victor C. Noisician.

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The Digital Color Art Awards.
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