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September 2001. Issue 23
Peter Jones is the September 2001 Artist of the Month.

Peter has fantastic inspirations in the form of story telling images. He was a art minor at Ohio State University and a renovator of old wooden and fiberglass boats. He has been living in Bali, Indonesia for 8 years. He has giclee Iris prints of many images for sale. His work appears in Galleries in Hawaii and Oregon.

The following artists have been added to the database since the last newsletter. To view the work of any artist go to and enter any part of the artists name. To see the 50 most recent artists go to
  1. David John Correia. Surrealistic people.
  2. Robin Collins. Unification of painting methodisms.
  3. Charles Stidham. Realistic portraits.
  4. Robin Gross. Photo-realistic drawing.
  5. Edith Smith. Spiritual acrylics.
  6. Loewy Eva. Abstract oils of light and color.
  7. Timothy York. Photo-realistic landscapes and nature.
  8. Diego Incaviglia. Realistic landscapes and nature.
  9. David Tam. Realistic portraits.
  10. William Burrell. Pen and ink pointillism.
  11. Francois Aleta. Video.
  12. Fernando Gomez Viņaras. Photography. Digital manipulation.
  13. Stephen P. McLaughlin. Watercolor labdscapes.
  14. Ajmal Maharaj. Expressionistic portraits.
  15. Natalia Pierandrei. Comic works with pantone markers and water soluble pencils.
  16. Christine Derrick. Realistic nature from the U.K.
  17. Liselotte Eriksson. Fantasy portraits.
  18. Leslie Buker. Visionary acrylics.
  19. Kelli Warncke. Computer fantasy art.
  20. Paula C. Fonseca. Spiritual digital art from Canada.
  21. Tojo. Computer digital art from the U.K.
  22. Jennifer Nobile. Soft pastels. Dog portraits.
  23. Skye Taylor. Fantasy portraits.
  24. Antonio Cobo Vilches. Expressionistic landscapes.
  25. John Kovacich. Expressionistic photography.
  26. Fritz Monplaisir. Mystical portraits from Haiti.
  27. Brad Scoby. Artist representative.
  28. Servaas Walravens. Emotional modern painting from Belgium.
  29. Ganesha shastri K.G. Expressionistic landscapes from India.
  30. Joseph Di Sipio. Photography from Santa Barbara.
  31. Alejandro Rubio. Surrealistic digital art.
  32. Maria Goretti Ortega. Sculptures from Portugal.
  33. Irmgard Hofmann. Abstract floral watercolors.
  34. Edna De Araraquara. Idiosyncratic oil landscapes.
  35. Angelina Elander. Expressionism from Sweeden.
  36. John Gritsiyenko. Surrealistic oils from Russia.
  37. Daryl G. Colburn. Copper and bronze sculpture with patina.
  38. Gian Marco Crovetto. Oil landscapes.
  39. Charita Christon. Drawings.
  40. Steinar Rosenberg. Symbolic digital art from Norway.
  41. Casen Jacobs. Geometric shapes.
  42. Bob Verschueren. Living plants as the medium.
  43. Antony Green. Realistic expressions.
  44. Beth Stubblefield. Expressionistic portraits.
  45. Nancy Thomas. Photography.
  46. Franziska Turek. Symbloic oils.
  47. Tom Frigge. Photo-realistic oil portraits from Germany.

Registration and Updates.
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The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color accepts nominations for art awards, juries the nominees on the basis of art published on the Internet, and promotes the winning artists. Winners are announced on the 23rd of each month. Nominations close on the 9th of each month to leave ample time for deliberation. To nominate an artist use the form at
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