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January 2002. Issue 27
Happy New Year.

Graham Cheater.
Graham Cheater is the January 2002 Artist of the Month. Graham is a Digital-Fine-Artist producing corporate art for businesses. He is inspired by light on water. Graham's contemporary style reflects the way nature presents colors and shapes. He is also a Feng Shui Consultant concerned with the beauty and harmony of home decor and environments.

Graham is currently involved with Jaguar Cars, combining his art and their automobiles. He has painted the world's finest powerboats - Sunseeker Yachts. His works are on show at the gallery "931" in Dorset in the UK. He is Qualified at Southampton College of Art in Advertising and Design. Large original and giclee impressionistic and realist works are available on canvas, watercolor paper and fine-art paper.

New Artists.
The following artists have registered. To view the work of any artist go to and enter any part of the artists name. To see the 50 most recent artists go to
  1. Fons Bloemen. Expressionistic oils from Holland.
  2. Gary Krejca. Mixed Media.
  3. Tom Kirkpatrick. Expressionistic drawings.
  4. Henk Martin Hollebeek. Photorealistic characters.
  5. Lisa Putman. Photographs of cemeteries.
  6. Velma Gomez. Realistic oil landscapes.
  7. Edward Lynch. Computer still life.
  8. Alexander Isachev. Oils from Belarus.
  9. James Franssen. Realistic drawings of people.
  10. Kirk McGuire. Realistic animals and wildlife.
  11. Antanas Bulota. Sci-fi images.
  12. Liliane Goossens. Abstract watercolors from Belgium.
  13. Eva Lewarne. Visionary fantasy art from Canada.
  14. Patricia DelValle. Abstract digital art.
  15. Erik Pevernagie. Geometric shapes.
  16. Paulo Renato Rodrigues. Abstract light and color from Brazil.
  17. Dan McCormack. Expressionistic figurative photography.
  18. Vladimir Simanovsky. Expressionistic geometric shapes.
  19. Thomas Adam. Symbolic inner realities.
  20. Frances Coffill. Realistic digital landscapes.
  21. Peter Roth. Surrealistic oils from Germany.
  22. Bryan Steward. Surreal orgainic oils in hand carved frames.
  23. Vivian Baumgartner. Realistic oil cityscapes.
  24. Joseph Nechvatal. Digital fantasy art.
  25. Chris Klein. Abstract geometic shapes from the U.K.

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