Digital Consciousness News Fourth Edition

Digital Consciousness News -- Fourth Edition January 2000

This is the fourth edition of Digital Consciousness News, a description of featured contents of Digital Consciousness --

Artist Database.
The Digital Consciousness Artist Database is a public database containing information about registered artists. There are nine new Registered Artists:

  • Olavi Ahokas -- drawing, mountain ladscapes.
  • Sunvil Govind -- multimedia artist. Mixed media works.
  • Peter Hager -- landscapes and animals in watercolor and acrylic.
  • Nelson J. Nichols -- sculpures in stone, bronze and wood.
  • Solaimon Olumee -- watercolor on paper.
  • Julie Rodriguez -- pencil and colored pencil.
  • Dianna Simms -- acrylics.
  • Lainie Smith -- landscapes in colored pencil/watercolor pencil.
  • Elizabeth Arlene Smith -- watercolors and ceramics.

Each has a artist has a registry accessible from the Registered Artists menu. A registry generally includes a sample of the artist's work, a short biography of the artist and links to the artist's current projects.

Eoyang Yin Ye.
Eoyang Yin Ye is the January Digital Color Artist. Eoyang Yin Ye is the artistic name of Peter H. Eoyang.

Peter is the grandson of Eoyang Jaing, the Buddhist scholar who taught him calligraphy brushstrokes. During the 1970's Peter began to paint watercolors and his work was widely exhibited and very well received at galleries in Cherry Creek, Denver, Evergreen and Golden -- all in Colorado. In 1983, Peter moved to Eugene, Oregon, and in 1993 to Avalon, California, continuing to paint watercolors at both places.

The Digital Color jury selects the Digital Color Artist of the Month. The winner is usually announced on the 23rd of each month. (We are eight days late this month) Nominations close on the 9th of each month to leave ample time for deliberation. If you wish to nominate an artist use the form found at If you wish to be on the jury, use the form found at

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