Digital Consciousness News -- Emerging Artists

Sixth Edition, March 2000

The Digital Consciousness Artist Database
Digital Consciousness is a public database of contemporary art. It features an extraordinary group of emerging artists. Each artist has a dynamic registry generally consisting of an image of the artist's work and a brief biography.

Craig Screven.
Craig Screven is the March 2000 Digital Color Artist of the Month. He creates art that shows political, historical, and social events. His art shows a strong use of line and of the primary colors. His favorite medium is oil paint and the computer.

Peter Tanner.
Peter Tanner's registry has been updated with a gallery of virtual images from 1998 and 1999. It includes an animation file that he put together with 3D Studio Max 2. The life in the creatures is phenomenal. Human characters are next.

There are fourteen new artists:

  • John A. Benigno -- A portfolio of fine art, black and white photography.
  • Wulf Peter Bestmann -- drawing and painting with pencil and watercolors
  • Sergio Robert Borges de Souza -- ink drawing, oleim painting and print engraving from Brazil.
  • Carlos Camus -- When Carlos was a boy his dream was to be one of the best painters, Estudy Arquitecture, and then have his own Atelier.
  • Charles Davis -- painter and printmaker living in Memphis, Tennessee. He holds MFA and BFA degrees and has taught art at the college level.
  • Angela Di Marco-Olguin -- Painter and photographer. Exhibited in many gallerys in Melbourne Australia.
  • Glen Etzkorn -- Apprentice to the father of colored OP Art during the optic battles of the mid-sixties, and the discoverer of the double or reverse after-image system.
  • Dominique Faivre -- French Artist now residing in Canada. Original oil paintings
  • Giacomo Piccoli -- Painter and Sculptor, President of Art Gallery in Rome Italy, for international artists.
  • Oscar Sanz -- Spanish, 21. Contemporary painting.
  • Gary Sauder -- Wildlife art, portraits and figures, as well as some sports art.
  • Craig Screven -- The March Artist of the Month. Art that shows political, historical, and social events.
  • S. S. Shankar -- His works represent the path of the spiritual aspirant and his exploration of the divine through art.
  • Ryan Tansey -- Young aspiring artist, still in highschool.

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The Digital Color Art Awards
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